Free Fitness Class and Health Talk

I am very excited to be partnering with fitness trainer Meg White to bring Health at Every Size® to Sacramento.  Like me, Meg has gone through an experience which made her realize that weight-based approach is often ineffective and downright harmful.  Together, we are going to overthrow diet culture and take over the world!


Meg is new to the HAES world, and she is still in the process of rebranding her studio and adjusting her approach.  So, try not to be too intimidated by her studio’s name, Train Hard or Go Home.  In reality, Meg takes a balanced, mind-body approach to health and fitness.

Our first free community event is coming up on Saturday, at the Train Hard or Go Home studio.

8 am –  Smorgasbord Workout: Enjoy a workout smorgasbord with Meg and guest trainer.  The workout will include Yoga, Tai Chi, Strength Training, Boxing and static stretching in 60 minutes of good old fashioned sweat therapy. After the work-out stay for some healthy snacks and our free health seminar.

9 am – Health at Every Size, Part 1 (of 3): New research has uncovered the mystery behind why diets seldom work and suggests an alternative approach to health and well-being. Learn how to attain your body’s natural weight through mindful eating, and start a new journey towards health and happiness.  Led by registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor, Nicole Geurin.

Health at Every Size – 3 Part Series:
Feb 20- Big, Fat Lies: Separating Weight Myths and Facts
March 19 – Mindful eating: Making peace with food
April 16 – Brain Training: Cultivating Body Respect

All events are free but space is limited.
Please RSVP via facebook or email to

I would love to see you there!


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