Nicole Presents Mindful Eating: Making Peace with Food

Health Talk

My first talk at Train Hard or Go Home fitness studio.

Our first event was a great success!  Don’t miss out on the next event in our Health at Every Size series. 

Mindful Eating: Making Peace with Food

In world full of fad diets and fast food, do you ever feel like you’re in a fight with food?  Do you battle back and forth between “eating right” and overindulging?  It is time to end the war and make peace with food.

Learn how to tune into your body’s internal wisdom, and eat in a way that is joyful, balanced, and delicious.

Registered dietitian Nicole Geurin is back for the 2nd of her 3-part series on Health at Every Size.

Join us for healthy snacks and a review of Big, Fat Lies: Separating Weight Myths and Facts, followed by the 2nd piece of the puzzle: Mindful Eating: Making Peace with Food. This health talk will end with a question and answer segment.

Optional: You can also attend a free fitness class before the talk, starting at 8 am.

All events are free but space is limited.
RSVP via Facebook or e-mail

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