Nicole Presents “Brain Training: Cultivating Body Respect”

brain train

Do you want to feel more comfortable and confident? More relaxed, joyful, and present in the world? Your thoughts about your body can shape the way you feel. Instead of fighting to change your body, learn to change the way you think.

Registered dietitian Nicole Geurin returns to Train Hard or Go Home for the final presentation of her 3-part series on Health at Every Size. 

Participants will learn how to identify ‘bad body thoughts’ and develop strategies to cultivate a kind and compassionate inner voice.

Join us for healthy snacks, a review of Big, Fat Lies: Separating Weight Myths and Facts and Mindful Eating: Making Peace with Food, and an interactive brain training session. The talk will end with a question and answer segment.

Brain Training: Cultivating Body Respect

When: Saturday, April 16
Time: 9:30 am
Location: Train Hard or Go Home fitness studio

Optional: Free 8 a.m. fitness class before the talk

All events are free but space is limited.  RSVP via Facebook or e-mail

Don’t forget to RSVP for Health at Every Size®: LIVE!  – May 21 in Sacramento.

HAES Live 2


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