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100 Nutrition Tips

Today, I have reached a blogging landmark: my 100th post!  In honor of this occasion, I have decided to share with you 100 nutrition tips. Each tip is from one of my previous posts, starting with my very first post and working up to today.  Each tip’s number links back to the original post.  If you see a tip you like and want to read more, just click on the number.  Enjoy!

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How to Start a Walking Club at Work

Are you having trouble motivating yourself to exercise after a long day of work? One great way to start exercising is to create a walking club at work.  Organizing a walking club at your workplace is an easy, fun and inexpensive way to exercise.  Not only is exercise good for your body, but it can improve concentration, decrease stress, and help make the workday go by faster too!  Walking with a group makes exercise fun, which increases the chances you’ll stick with it.

Follow these easy steps to get your walking club started:

  1.  First, ask for management support.  A walking club benefits your employer too, by keeping employees healthy and boosting productivity.  Ask management to show their support by joining the club, or by purchasing an occasional incentive for club members, like pedometers.
  2. Next, get the word out. Post flyers, send out emails and ask your friends to join you on a walk everyday (even if it’s only for a short time!).  News travels fast, and the more people that        join, the more motivated your co-workers will be to join in too. Make sure to pick a time that works for the majority of members.
  3. Mix it up. Walking clubs are meant to be fun and low-key, but it may be fun to hold a contest or challenge between departments or groups within your company. Try challenging each department to see who can get the most walkers to participate in the walking club everyday for a week.  Ask management if they would give the winning group a prize.

For more information on how to get a walking club started in your workplace, check out this Guide from the Network for a Healthy California, or watch the video below.

Eat Right with Color

imageMarch is here, and that means it’s officially National Nutrition Month®!  I love this year’s theme, Eat Right with Color.  A wonderful way to boost the nutritional quality of your diet and improve your health is to add more colorful fruits and vegetables to your meals and snacks.  Different colored fruits and vegetables contain different types of cancer-fighting antioxidants, which is why we should eat a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables.

How many fruits and vegetables should we eat each day?

imageThe slogan used to be “5 A Day for Better Health,” but now we’ve discovered that’s not enough for most individuals to experience the maximum health benefits.  Today, the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s slogan is “More Matters,” because most people will improve their health by increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables they eat.  The new 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables at every meal and snack.  This will help ensure you’re eating enough nutrients and may help prevent overindulging in higher calorie foods.

Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables.  Now, that’s Eating Right with Color!image

10 Tips to Stay Healthy on a Cruise

imageI love cruises. Cruises offer an abundance of fun activities, and an opportunity to explore new places. However, many people worry about gaining weight on their cruise vacation, because of the plethora of all-you-can-eat food. These ten tips will enable you to enjoy your cruise vacation while avoiding unwanted weight gain.

Healthy eating tips:

1. Bring some whole fruit from the buffet back to your stateroom to snack on in-between meals if you’re hungry. This nutritious snack will help prevent you from overeating at meals, and the sweetness may help keep you from reaching for seconds on dessert.

2. At dinner, consider trying the dishes recommended by the Spa. On many cruise lines, the healthiest choices are marked on the menu with the name of the ship’s spa or fitness facility. If it sounds appetizing, try it!

3. Eat mindfully.  Honor your body’s hunger, fullness and appetite cues.

4. Enjoy one delicious dessert per day. This is vacation, after all. If you’re feeling full by the time your dessert arrives after dinner, consider splitting it with a friend or just enjoying a few delectable bites.

5. Stock your mini-bar with your own healthy snacks.   Order snacks from room service, or smuggle items from the buffet. Yogurt, milk, chopped fruit and Swiss oatmeal (muesli) are some of my favorite snacks to stock. Don’t forget to smuggle some silverware as well!

Activity-related tips:

6. Plan an active excursion. Cruise ports of call provide a wonderful opportunity for an exciting, active adventure you will never forget. On my past cruise vacations, I have been hiking, snorkeling, glacier trekking, bicycling, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, and surfing. Your cruise line will likely provide you with a list of recommended excursions at each place you visit. These excursions will be graded according to physical activity level. Choose the most active excursion within your physical abilities.

7. Stay active on sea days. Visit the fitness center, take a fitness class, walk around the deck, or tread water in the pool.

8. Take the stairs. Cruise ships provide an excellent opportunity for stair climbing. Give your metabolism a quick boost by taking the stairs to get to the next deck rather than waiting for the elevator. Challenge yourself to see how many flights your can climb.

9. Participate in cruise competitions. Cruise ships often hold competitions for valuable prizes such as luggage tags and T-Shirts. Competitions I have participated in on past cruises include ping pong tournaments, 3-on-3 basketball, scavenger hunts, dodge ball, water volleyball matches, and a Wii tennis challenge. Take a look in your schedule of daily activities to find a competition that interests you.

10. Go dancing. From line dancing, to ballroom waltzing, to nightclub boogying, cruise ships offer dancing opportunities to fit every style. Dancing is a great form of physical activity that makes exercise feel more like a party and less like a workout!