Do We Really Need Our 3 Daily Servings of Dairy?

Up until very recently, I have always believed that 3 servings of dairy per day is absolutely essential for good bone health.  However, during my public health nutrition class last semester, some interesting discussions took place that revealed this notion may in fact be false. Two of my classmates did some enlightening research on the subject, and they have permitted me to share their findings with you today.  Each of the below slide shows argues one side of the dairy debate. Then, you can decide for yourself whether or not 3 daily servings of dairy is an appropriate recommendation. Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Unfortunately, the pro-dairy slide show keeps causing my internet to crash. You can view it at  The presentation is titled Benefit-risk Assessment for Including Dairy Foods in the Diet.

5 responses to “Do We Really Need Our 3 Daily Servings of Dairy?

  1. I was brought up on soy milk, and have always found milk to make me slightly congested. I definitely feel healthy without it, so I certainly don’t think it’s necessarily needed 3 times a day.

  2. Hey Nicole! Great post! I’m still on the fence about this one and I typically side with the ADA recommendations and position statements. The data is very sided in opposition, however! We shall see!

  3. This is really interesting information. I am not sure that I quite buy into it yet. Milk/ dairy is a good way to get additional nutrients as well (protein and Vitamin D just to name a few). I think that I will need to look into it more before I stop using dairy as a way to get my calcium intake, but thanks so much for presenting the information. I am interested to learn more about this!

  4. Hi Nicole~
    I grew up drinking and loving milk but I am now trying to stay away from dairy. I still recommend it for my patients, as dairy still seems to be considered health food in the states.

  5. Dairy is crap. Not only for your health but also environmentally. If you want Calcium eat greens.

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