What’s Cooking? Sunday, Part 3

1. Spicy Chicken and Spelt Salad

This weekend, I wanted to experiment with some exotic grains.  Exotic grains can be difficult to find, but most health food stores and co-ops have an abundance.  Spelt is the exotic grain featured in this recipe.  It is an ancient grain that is similar to wheat.  Kamut is a similar ancient grain, and I actually substituted kamut in this recipe.  Other substitutions I made to this recipe included toning down the spice and substituting tofu for chicken.  I also used a bagged shredded cabbage for convenience.  The result was very tasty!  I really like kamut; it has a rich, buttery flavor and a chewy texture.  Try it!

2. Swiss oatmeal 

I also started making Swiss oatmeal this week to change up my morning oatmeal routine.  This dish is served cold, making it perfect for a hot summer day. Stir together 2 cups uncooked oats with 1.5 cups low fat milk and refrigerate overnight.  In the morning, add slices of fresh fruit, chopped nuts, and sprinkle with cinnamon.  Serves 4.




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