Join us for Health at Every Size®: LIVE! in Sacramento


HAES Live 2

Support health and well-being while putting an end to weight stigma.  Come join us for a day of fun, fitness, and health for EVERY BODY.

The event is free to attend. Donations are welcome; all proceeds will benefit the Association for Size Diversity and Health.

Event highlights:

  • Keynote speaker Connie Sobczak, author of the book Embody
  • Movement breaks led by body-positive fitness instructors
  • Presentations by health professionals (i.e. yours truly!)
  • Book signing
  • Delicious snacks
  • Raffles and door prizes

It’s going to be awesome!  To learn more, visit reading

Nicole Presents Mindful Eating: Making Peace with Food

Health Talk

My first talk at Train Hard or Go Home fitness studio.

Our first event was a great success!  Don’t miss out on the next event in our Health at Every Size series.  Continue reading

Free Fitness Class and Health Talk

I am very excited to be partnering with fitness trainer Meg White to bring Health at Every Size® to Sacramento.  Like me, Meg has gone through an experience which made her realize that weight-based approach is often ineffective and downright harmful.  Together, we are going to overthrow diet culture and take over the world!


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Build a Body Image Shield


If you live in today’s world, there is a good chance that you feel insecure about your body.  Every day, we are exposed to hundreds of digitally-enhanced images of unattainably perfect bodies.  Without realizing it, we compare ourselves to these images, and take in the message that our bodies are not good enough.  However, it is possible to respect and appreciate your unique body.  The secret is to protect yourself from society’s damaging messages by building a Body Image Shield.  Here’s how… Continue reading

Is Obesity Really the Killer It’s Made Out to Be?


If obesity is really unhealthy, then people living in larger bodies should be more likely to die than thinner people.  Are they?

Biostatistician Katherine Flegal reviewed over 140 studies to answer this question (Flegal, 2013).  What she found may surprise you:

  • People in the ‘overweight’ category (BMI 25-30) had a slightly lower risk of death than those in the ‘normal’ weight category.
  • People in the ‘obese’ category (BMI 30-35) had an equal risk of death as people in the ‘normal’ weight category.
  • People in the ‘obesity classes II and III’ (BMI > 35) only had a greater risk of death if they were under the age of 65.  Their risk of death was 1.3x greater than people in the ‘normal’ weight group.  (To put that number in perspective, the risk of developing lung cancer is 30x greater among people who smoke compared to people who do not smoke.)

A number of other studies found similar results (Grabowski 2001, Steersman 2009, Oprana 2010, Tamakoshi 2010, Flegal 2005, Janssen 2007, Lantz 2010, Toriano 1996; see also:  Bacon 2011).

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Pursue Pleasure to Improve Health

IMG_0810 (1)

Do you really need to kill yourself to save your life?  You might think so, if you look at the way some health fanatics strictly follow their diet or exercise plans.  However, not-so-novel research suggests that being healthy is much easier and more fun than we’ve made it out to be.  In Healthy Pleasures, an old but timeless book, authors Robert Ornstein, PhD and Davis Sobel, MD identify life’s simple pleasures and describe the proven ways they contribute to health and well-being.   Continue reading

Intuitive Eating or Structured Eating – Which is right for you?

Man thinking

Both intuitive and structured eating styles are compatible with a Health At Every Size® approach. But which is right for you?  Take this quick quiz to find out:

  1. Are you able to reliably identify mild hunger?
  2. Do you have a flexible enough schedule to eat when you are hungry?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, intuitive eating may be right for you.

If you answered ‘no’ to one or both questions, start with structured eating.  Continue reading