The Persimmon Post

Until a couple years ago, I had never tried a persimmon. Today, they are one of my favorite fall fruits! Here is everything you need to know about persimmons:

image Fuyu persimmons are squattier than Hachiya persimmons and are flat on the bottom. Fuyus taste great raw, they have a sweet, cinnamon flavor
and a crunchy texture. This is my favorite type of persimmon.

Hachiya persimmons are heart-shaped. imageHachiya persimmons are ripe when they are very soft, and are great for baking! Try adding Hachiya pulp to cookies, muffins and quick breads.

Fun Persimmon Facts:

  • If you cut a persimmon length-wise, there is a star shape in the middle!
  • Persimmons are Japan’s national fruit.
  • Persimmons are a great source of fiber and Vitamin A.

Try my Fall Morning Oatmeal recipe, which is made with Fuyu persimmons!

4 responses to “The Persimmon Post

  1. I’ve never tried them either!

  2. Hi Nicole, I’ve actived the alerts of Google for persimmon and one of them has been your blog.
    We are an association of producers of persimmon in Spain, where the production of persimmons has experienced an incredible growht, and perhaps the compsumption is growing very fast in europe, and I’m glad to see your comments about an unknown fruit.

    Best regards

  3. I love all the information on your posts! And, I loooove persimmons – grew up eating them- but in my family, the Hachiya ones are the favorite when totally ripe and soft – we just don’t eat the skin. But, I’m happy to find any kind – it’s cute to see a two year old’s orange face after eating one:)

  4. We have a fabulous Persimmon Margarita for you to check out on our blog:

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