12 Year Old Kicks Off A Fast Food Free Pledge for Earth Day


This 12-year-old, Koa Halpern, is on a mission to change the world.  His goal: to encourage others to go without fast food for 2 weeks in honor of Earth Day.  According to Koa, if just one person stopped eating fast food for just 2 weeks he or she would:

  • Save 3,222 gallons of water that would be used for livestock
  • Save 9.4 pounds of grain used for livestock feed
  • Protect 285.4 square feet of rain forest from being cut down to graze cattle
  • Prevent 15.4pounds of manure from being created (source www.wannaveg.com)

Koa’s website, http://fastfoodfree.org, provides ideas for alternatives to fast food, information about the detriments of processed food, and the opportunity to sign his pledge to go Fast Food Free for 2 weeks.  If a 12-year-old can do it… so can we!

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