Corporate Wellness Success Story: Capital Metro

Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Austin, Texas, has experienced huge health care savings (estimated 2.43 ROI) as a result of their comprehensive employee wellness program implemented in 2003.  The short video below documents their success story.

Some of Capital Metro’s key wellness program components include:

  • A Healthy Options Cafe, where at least 60% of food offerings are healthy choices, and these options are priced below less healthy options.
  • Cash incentives, for employees who achieve and maintain: healthy blood pressure levels, healthy blood glucose levels, decreases in body fat, improvements in cardiovascular endurance (measured by Vo2 max), or quit smoking. (Note: I no longer advocate using incentives to entice behavior change.)
  • An onsite fitness center, with $5/month membership fees, and access to free fitness assessments and personal training.


Davis L, Loyo K, Glowka A, Schwertfeger R, Danielson L, Brea C, et al. A comprehensive worksite wellness program in Austin, Texas: partnership between Steps to a Healthier Austin and Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Prev Chronic Dis 2009;6(2). Accessed  June 2, 2010.

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