100 Nutrition Tips

Today, I have reached a blogging landmark: my 100th post!  In honor of this occasion, I have decided to share with you 100 nutrition tips. Each tip is from one of my previous posts, starting with my very first post and working up to today.  Each tip’s number links back to the original post.  If you see a tip you like and want to read more, just click on the number.  Enjoy!

1. For a quick and easy way to get in a serving of veggies: microwave fresh spinach.

2. If you need nutrition advice, seek out a Registered Dietitian.

3. Try searching for healthy recipes on Allrecipes.com.

4. Exercise might not help you lose weight, but it is a key component of maintaining your natural weight.

5. Shop at the farmer’s market.  For a great deal, go when the market is about to close.

6. Add diced vegetables (like eggplant, carrots, onions, mushrooms, or spinach) to pasta sauce for a nutritional boost!  Simmer until veggies are soft.

7. If you are looking to build muscle or improve athletic performance, following sound nutrition principles is more important than eating gobs of protein.

8. Try a recipe from the Skinny Chef!

9. Want to eat healthy on a budget?  Start by drinking tap water!  Not only is tap water free, it is also better for the environment and contains cavity-preventing fluoride.  Staying hydrated prevents dehydration headaches (the cause of 70% of all headaches), keeps you from overeating and keeps skin healthy.  So save the money you would have spent on other beverages, and use it to buy healthier food!

10. The key to many great recipes is the spices!  Try cooking dishes that feature spices like curry, cumin or cinnamon.

11. Save extra virgin olive oil for salads, sauces and garnishes. Regular and light olive oil is better for cooking, as their smoke points are above 400 degrees.

12. If you are fortunate enough to have a Trader Joe’s nearby, shop there.

13. Eat fish.  It’s a great source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein.

14. Keep healthy staples on hand to whip up a quick meal in case of emergencies.

15. For improved health, Americans need to cut down on the amount of added sugars we eat, high fructose corn syrup and other forms alike.

16. If you need to boost your protein intake at a meal or snack, you might consider trying hemp protein powder, which is also a good source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

17. Eat foods with simple ingredients that are easy to pronounce.

18. Current research shows that every $1 spent on a corporate wellness program saves employers an average of $6 in health care costs and regained productivity.

19. Vitamin supplements are no excuse for a poor diet! Vitamins contain large amounts of relatively few nutrients, most of which will leave our bodies unabsorbed.

20. Eat oatmeal.  Try quick-cooking oats for convenience without compromising nutrition.

21. Try a persimmon this fall!  Persimmons are a great source of fiber and Vitamin A.

22. Whole grains have been shown to reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, eye degeneration, and cancer, to name a few. But which grains are really whole? Some food manufacturers are out to trick you, so read your labels carefully.

23. Make exercise fun so you will want to do it!

24. Use MyPyramid.gov (now ChooseMyPlate.gov) to calculate your personal calorie and food group requirements.

25. Use MyFoodapedia on ChooseMyPlate.gov to quickly find out the nutrition facts of any food.

26. Use the Menu Planner on ChooseMyPlate.gov to determine: How healthy is your diet?  Find out which food groups you’re lacking, and plan a menu for the day that will meet all your needs.

27. Read my blog.  Sometimes I give away free stuff!

28. Participate in nutrition blogs.  Leave comments and ask questions.

29. Harvard’s Healthy Eating Pyramid is a great alternative to the USDA’s version, and it may be less influenced by the meat and dairy industry.

30. Mitzi Dulan’s blog is another great resource for nutrition information.  She inspired me to start my blog!

31. Research suggests that nitrites from processed meats may increase your risk of gastric cancer.  However, a diet rich in antioxidants from fruits and vegetables may ameliorate this risk.  So, eat your fruits and veggies, and limit processed meats.

32. Want to consume diet that’s good for you and for the environment?  Eat like the Swedes, and try out these green tips, including: Eat less meat and poultry, and choose local grass-fed livestock when possible.

33. Do you really need 3 daily servings of dairy?  In truth, the research is controversial.

34. Americans spend a lower percentage of income on food than any other nation.  As a result, our food system has shifted to low-quality, calorie-dense foods.  Invest in your health by purchasing quality food.

35. Cooking food in the microwave is easy, healthy, environmentally-friendly and delicious!  Try cooking any of these 10 healthy foods in the microwave from my most popular blog post yet.

36. Want to live to be 100?  Watch the video on this post, and learn the secrets of centenarians around the globe.  Summed up, these secrets are: move, eat wisely, know your purpose, reflect and connect.

37. The Mediterranean and Asian diets are two of the healthiest diets worldwide.  Compared to people with typical “Western” lifestyles, people with Mediterranean or Asian lifestyles tend to live longer, healthier lives.  Try MediterrAsian.com for some healthy and delicious recipes from these regions.

38. Want to make a ridiculously healthy meal in just 2 minutes?  Try cooking salmon on a George Foreman grill!

39. The average American consumes double the recommended upper limit of sodium.  Excess sodium in your diet can contribute to high blood pressure. Cut some sodium out of your diet with the tips in this video, including: bring pepper the pepper mill to the table to spice up your food, but leave the salt shaker in the kitchen.

40. Want your kids to be served healthier foods at school?  Visit Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution to learn how you can help.

41. Want to eat healthy but only have 5 minutes?  Try one of these heart-healthy meals in 5 minutes or less.

42. Public health is working to create a healthier nation in 1 generation.  Get involved.

43. Did you know that 1 serving of strawberries has even more vitamin C than an orange?  It’s true! Strawberries pack a powerful nutrition punch… and for only 43 calories per serving.

44. According to this young activist, if just one person stopped eating fast food for just 2 weeks he or she would protect 285.4 square feet of rain forest from being cut down to graze cattle.

45. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish twice per week.  Try this Sicilian Swordfish Recipe from Felicia McClinton, author of mediterraneanrecipes.org.

46. Edamame (soybeans) are a nutritious superfood rich in fiber, antioxidants, omega-3s and plant-based protein.  Give them a try with this recipe for Beef and Edamame Stir Fry.

47. Check out 25 Healthy Meals in 20 Minutes or Less for quick and easy meals during the week.

48. One tip to support your natural weight is to enjoy low calorie density foods such as fruits and vegetables.

49. Limit the amount of sugar that you consume by eating fresh, whole foods, drinking plenty of water, and keeping an out for sugar pseudonyms. Some common examples are fructose, dextrose, and corn syrup.

50. These tasty personal pizzas are a wonderful addition to your summer grilling repertoire.

51. Tips to build a tasty salad: lighten up on the dressing, go easy on the cheese, and pile on the fruits, veggies, and lean protein.

52. To avoid the “afternoon slump,” follow these 4 tips: eat a light lunch, snack 1-2 times a day, take a physical activity break, and sleep well the night before.

53. To avoid overindulging at weddings: don’t arrive starving, limit your alcohol intake, split a piece of cake, and live it up on the dance floor.

54. “Those who take medicine and neglect their diet waste the skill of the physician” ~ Chinese Proverb

55. Increasing the amount of fruits and veggies in your diet can help protect against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Because they are mostly water, these foods will help fill you up for fewer calories.

56. When packing your child’s lunch, try low-fat yogurt, peanut butter, and small hand-sized foods, like baby carrots or grapes. Don’t be afraid to get creative and cut their sandwiches into funky shapes or use colorful containers. The more fun you make their lunch, the more likely they are to eat it.

57. Eating healthy whole foods will save you time and money.

58. Traditional Eggplant Parmesan tastes sooo good, but is loaded with fat and calories. Luckily this healthy remake retains all of the flavor with just 1/6 of the calories of the original version.

59. Sweeten your oatmeal with loads of colorful fruit for a nutrient-rich breakfast  that gives you the energy to kick start your day.

60. Forget dieting. Just follow these eight guidelines to live DIET-FREE. Drink water. Include breakfast. Eat often. Tame your sweet tooth. Find and know the difference between good and bad fats. Replace processed foods with whole foods. Eat until you’re no longer hungry, not until you’re full. Exercise every day.

61. To avoid unhealthy choices during the mid-week time crunch, set aside one day each week to plan and cook healthy meals. Make a double-batch of your favorite recipes and freeze some for later.

62. “Persistence, not perfection, is the key to success.”

63. This salad recipe is a great go-to for leftovers. Pile on all your favorite toppings and you won’t even need any dressing.

64. An easy way to embark upon your journey to better health is to incorporate fresh produce and exercise into your daily routine. Focusing on the positive aspects of your weight loss journey, such as increased energy and boosted mood, will motivate you to continue and give you the confidence to over any obstacles along the way.

65. Don’t fixate on your weight or jean size, just embrace self-acceptance, physical activity, and normalized eating to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

66. Following guidelines such as eating real foods 75% of the time, choosing high-quality carbs, and adding “super mood” foods (leafy greens, nuts and legumes, berries, etc.) to your diet is a simple way to “eat your way to happiness.”

67. Incorporate some of the lesser known veggies, such as turnips, parsnips, and winter squash, into your next holiday meal to add a festive flare.

68. Hate messing around attempting to cut up a squash?  Try this tip: Cook the whole squash in the oven for at least an hour before even attempting to mutilate it! Afterwards, the squash cuts like butter, and you can scoop out the insides and use them how you like.

69. To maintain a balanced diet throughout the holiday season, try beginning every meal with a vegetable dish, such as soup, salad, or veggie medley. As a reminder to eat healthfully during the holidays, use fresh fruits and veggies as centerpieces at meals.

70. Fast food industries take advantage of the addictive nature of sugar, fat, and sodium in order to get us to consume more. To break this addiction, seek whole foods, be mindful of serving size, and monitor what is actually in your food.

71. There’s nothing like these warm, hearty roasted veggie recipes. Just toss with herbs and spices, pop in the oven, and enjoy!

72. This quick money-saving granola recipe is great as a yogurt-topper paired with fruit and honey.

73. To honor your health while on a cruise or other vacation, eat mindfully and incorporate enjoyable movement into your vacation.

74. Try this hearty family favorite for dinner this week. It’s sure to please everyone’s palate.

75. To help fight or prevent breast cancer, eat a diet rich in colorful fruits and veggies. (The richer the color, the better.) Also, add cancer fighting phytochemicals to your meals with different herbs and spices.

76. Add nutrients to your diet by eating colorful meals.

77. To save time throughout the week, cook a couple meals on Sunday and heat them up whenever you’re hungry. Try this delicious French Spring Soup or Moroccan Chicken.

78. Swapping evaporated skim milk and cornstarch for heavy cream is a great alternative that make these recipes healthy and delicious.

79. Try out a free smart phone app to help keep you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. <Deleted – not compatible with a HAES philosophy.>

80. Getting your children to eat their veggies is as easy as saying “Cheese.” Studies show that when children see their parents smiling and enjoying a new food, kids are more inclined to try the food themselves.

81. Looking to make mealtime fun? Try preparing and eating meals together throughout the week. Remember to be a role model to your children and demonstrate healthy eating habits to them. Studies show that kids are more likely to follow your advice if they see you doing the same.

82. <Deleted – not compatible with a HAES philosophy.>

83. Following a Mediterranean diet is a great way to incorporate fresh, seasonal produce, lean protein, and good fats into your daily routine.

84. <Deleted – not compatible with a HAES philosophy.>

85. With only ¼ of the calories, spaghetti squash is an amazing alternative to regular pasta.  Just slice it in half, scoop out the seeds, and cook cut-side down in the microwave for 6-7 minutes. Top with your favorite pasta sauce, and Bon Appetite!

86. The Food Pyramid has been replaced with MyPlate. This dietary guideline chart shows you an easier to eat the recommended amount of each food group by dividing the plate according the suggested serving sizes.

87. Add spelt to your next meal for an exotic source of protein and vitamins. Also, try Swiss Oatmeal. This cold variation of the traditional breakfast staple will cool you down and give you lasting energy.

88. Is the Food Pyramid too confusing to understand? Try out We Can ®!’s GO, SLOW, and WHOA system. GO ahead and eat whole foods such as fruits veggies, and nuts. SLOW down with refined grains, frozen yogurt, and fruit juices. And say WHOA to soda, fried foods, and other products with added fats and sugar.

89. Change your grilling routine by adding fruits and vegetables to your repertoire.

90. Does your worksite need a wellness program?  This Texas corporation has instilled a new wellness program that includes a healthy option café, onsite gym, and cash incentive to employees that agree to improve their health.

91. Try cooking this Moroccan Chicken recipe in a slow cooker for a spicy and comforting home-cooked meal.

92. Ask the management at your office to help post fliers to show support for your office walking club.

93. Instead of prepackaged deli meats, which contain a high amount of sodium, cook your own bird and use it in sandwiches for the rest of week.

94. Grill, microwave, or sauté veggies and fish for a healthy and delicious dish that will be ready in less than 5 minutes.

95. Studies show that sleeping 7-9 hours a night may help you eat less because sleep regulates the body’s levels of ghrelin and leptin, two hormones that are responsible for hunger and appetite.

96. Pregnant women require an average of 300 extra calories per day to support healthy fetal development during pregnancy.

97. The Super Bowl doesn’t always have to result in a super-sized caloric intake. Healthy alternatives to game day favorites, such as chips and chili, include a veggie platter with hummus or fruit dip, air popped popcorn trail mix, and ground turkey or white meat chicken chili.

98. Eating a diet rich in whole foods, foods as close to their natural state as possible, will help ensure a nutrient packed diet.

99. Coconuts may not be a cure-all, but they do have some nutritional benefits when consumed in moderation.  For example, coconuts are an excellent source of selenium, a compound proven to decrease the risk of cancer.

100. Read Nicole Geurin, RD blog for hundreds of expert health and nutrition tips!

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