“What’s Cooking?” Sunday

I like to take time on Sundays to prepare my meals for the week.  Read on to see what’s cooking this week. 

1. Grilled sirloin tri-tip

I used this marinade and the cooking technique described in this recipe to slow-roast the steak on the grill.  The result was very juicy and flavorful!

2. Ratatouille

I picked up some Chinese eggplant, tomatoes and onions today at the farmer’s market, and decided to make ratatouille in the slow cooker.  I used this recipe, minus the zucchini.  I accidentally forgot to add the garlic, but it still turned out delicious.

It’s going to be a tasty week!

One response to ““What’s Cooking?” Sunday

  1. sounds yummy

    had rigatoni with a tomato, garlic, basil, sweet onion lean ground beef sauce, a little red pepper flakes and some fresh parmigiana cheese as a topping

    a small tomatoe avacado salad with a boil egg

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