“What’s Cooking” Sunday? Salmon burgers.

salmon burger

I like to take time on Sundays to prepare my meals for the week.  Read on to see what’s cooking this week. 

Salmon Burgers

Canned salmon is a convenient and healthy way to eat fish.  I tried this recipe today from the back of a can of premium wild Bumble Bee salmon.  It turned out pretty tasty.  Rather than pan-fry the patties, I prefer to grill them on my indoor electric  grill.  They are a little less crumbly if you freeze the patties, and then defrost them for 1 minute in the microwave before grilling.

I enjoyed these burgers with a salad and a whole wheat bun.

5 responses to ““What’s Cooking” Sunday? Salmon burgers.

  1. Happy Chinese New Year friend…miss talking to you

    i like my salmon cooked in some olive oil and sea salt  3 min one side and 4-5 min on other med heat, some gai lan w oyster sauce on side


  2. sounds tasty but can we use fresh instead of can?

  3. Hi Nicole! I was talking with Joanne Graham and your name came up. It’s been a while since undergrad, but I’m back in the Sacramento area and wanted to connect and say hello. Love your practical posts here, and it’s great that you’re writing for Comstock, too! Wish you the best.

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