My e-book is out! Purchase your copy of 5-Minute Meals today.


I am thrilled to announce the release of my first e-book, 5-Minute Meals.  This has been a project of mine for a couple of years now.

I love food and enjoy cooking, but I don’t want to spend all of my free time in the kitchen. I’d rather be outdoors, playing tennis or relaxing with friends. I realized that many of my clients felt the same way. So I decided to write this book, to share my favorite quick-and-easy recipes with the world.  

Here is the official description:

Short on time, but still want to eat well? 5-Minute Meals features over 25 mouthwatering recipes that you can make in less than 5 minutes. Each recipe contains simple, real-food ingredients, with easy-to-follow steps, complete nutrition information, and beautiful photos of the prepared dish. It’s perfect for students, singles, novice cooks, and busy people on the go. Don’t settle for fast food when you can have real food… fast!

Recipes include:

  • Apple Cobbler Oatmeal
  • Grilled Fish Tacos
  • Pesto Pita Pizza
  • Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse

You can purchase the e-book for $4.99 at any of the following sites:

I am also selling the PDF version of the e-book to interested groups and individuals. This version is easy to read on your computer, print out, and share with friends, family, or clients.  Please contact me at to learn about group pricing rates.

A heartfelt thank you to:

  • Nutrition students Stephanie Leung, Janelle Manzano, Madison Aguilar, and Allison Barcelon for helping me to test the recipes and take photos.
  • Shelley Glasow from Goodlife Guide for her excellent and efficient publishing services.
  • Family and friends who helped to review and edit the book.
  • Anyone who purchases the e-book and/or leaves a positive review.

Your kindness and support is greatly appreciated!

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